Sorry for the lack of updates here. Been busy times since the Cross worlds, juggling work, training and just life in general. But its mostly good stuff so I´m not complaining:) Here´s a few pics from a ´lil photo shoot I did with photographer Catrina Axelsson during the 1 week training camp at Playitas ( Fuerteventura) a couple weeks back. At the moment I training for the marathon world series in Laissac, France on the 13 of April. So before that I´ll do 2 small training races in Stockholm. The famous Keps Cup series ;-)

Also getting use to new material. Been riding my Scott Scale 700 RC hard tail during the the Playitas week. Feeling really good on it and its 27,5″ wheels. Looking forward to race on this thing. I will also ride a Spark 700 RC during the season, which I´m in the process of building now. Big thanks to SRAM for the  support with XX1 gruppo. More on the Spark build soon..

I will continue with Craft as racing clothing sponsor and supplier. Really happy with that since I´ve been very satisfied with their custom cycling wear they did last year for me. On the pics here below you´ll see my new Marathon Champ kit. My Cross Country kit will come shortly.

I will also continue with main sponsor AB Karl Hedin, nutrition sponsor Enervit and eyewear sponsor Adidas.

Thats all for now / Ciao Ciao


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Cyclocross World Champs, Hoogerheide, NED

Had an Ok ride but got stuck behind some crashes in the first lap and then a chain suck after 3 laps. Got to ride all the laps at least:-)  Got 40th! Could of been a bit smoother and better but I´m quite satisfied with my riding. Got 40th in the end. Cool to race infront of 60 000 spectators! :-)

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Cyclocross World Cup, Rome, Italy!

Rough day:) But cool to race a CX world cup though! Bad legs and slippery tires in that mud…. 47th!

Back at it soon again! Will go to Belgium 18-19/1 with the national team for 2 races. Then hopefully the worlds in Holland on the 2/2.

/ Ciao



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Cyclocross time!


So, short update. I will do a couple CX races the coming weeks! This is from last weekends training race in Stockholm. Next up is the Swedish CX cup in Karlstad (9-10/11) and then the SWE CX Champs on the 16th in Stockholm. Gonna be fun but hard. Havn´t done intervals or even riding hard since my race in China ;-)

Photo: Gunnar Ahlgren.


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Pressrelease Calle Friberg till SCOTT

Skärmavbild 2013-10-27 kl. 21.46.50

Pressrelease  SCOTT Sports AB
Uppsala, 2013-10-10

Calle Friberg nu på SCOTT
Cyklisten och den regerande svenske mästaren i MTB marathon, Calle Friberg, kommer nu efter en framgångsrik tävlingssäsong  2013 representera Scott framöver på tävlingsbanorna. Säsongens höjdpunkter var SM-guldet i marathon, 2:a platsen på Cross Country SM samt seger på Roc des Alpes, som ingår i UCI World Marathon Series. Calle tog även 2 segrar i Mitsubishi MTB Challenge och vann Göteborgsgirot MTB.
Men inte nog med det. Calle kommer nu även att jobba för SCOTT Sports AB i Uppsala som Marknadskoordinator för Scotts samtliga områden – cykel, motorsport, running, outdoor och vintersport. Tjänsten innebär även att Calle, i kombination med sitt tävlande, kommer att finnas ute på tävlingar och events för att öka synligheten och förstärka Scotts närvaro i Sverige.

Calle – ” Jag tycker detta ska bli jätteroligt och tror stenhårt på att detta blir ett bra upplägg. När VD Håkan Eriksson, som jag känner sedan tidigare samarbete, hörde av sig, kändes det ganska snabbt att det var ett för bra jobb för att tacka nej till. Jag har ambition att cykla snabbt även 2014, och kan jag kombinera det med att jobba för ett så starkt varumärke som Scott där jag får syssla med det jag vill, så är ingen gladare än jag”.

Håkan – ” Det är fantastiskt kul att vi lyckats knyta till oss Calle som cyklar snabbare än någonsin men framförallt har den rätta profilen som ambassadör för Scott samt också erfarenheten och utbildning inom marknadsföring och sociala medier för denna tjänst. Jag tror detta  blir ett bra samarbete och är jättenöjd med denna “värvning” och ser fram emot att Scott växlar upp tillsammans med Calle”.

För mer information kontakta:
Calle Friberg
Tel: 018-562816
Mobil: 073-687 26 91
Email: calle.friberg@scott-sports.se

Håkan Eriksson
Tel: 018-562805
Mobil: 070-555 82 28
Email: hakan.eriksson@scott-sports.se

Guiyang International Invitational MTB Race, China

Had a blast at my last Cross Country of the season. A small national team consisting of me, Matthias Wengelin in Elite and Axel Lind as U23, together with Hjalmar Bengtsson as staff, was invited to come over and race.

It was all a great experience to go to China and race for the fist time. We arrived on thursday afternoon, then they closed the streets for us to roll through the city on friday morning, what a crazy feeling! Then off to the course inspection, again through the city of Guiyang with police escort. It was a bit too warm for my liking with temps around 35 dgr. The course was very intensive but good fun. This course and race site ( including the road to the race site) had been built only for this race last year.and it was hot hell. Felt pretty good and did 4 laps with Emil L and F Giger. The saturday we rolled down to the race site and we all joined the opening ceremony with each of the 38 nations represented. 10 mins after that, we were called up to do a short race. 28 mins + lap at a 2.20 min lap. It was tight and hard racing and I manged to get 4th, after being a bit stuck behind swiss Nicola Rohrbach during the last lap. So Emil and Giger slipped away and got 1st and 2nd, with Rohrbach 3rd. Wengelin got 6 th.

Sunday was XC time. It was even hotter and I really felt affacted by the heat. I got an OK start from 3rd row but I couldn´t push at all the first 3 laps and was lying around 10 th. Missed a bottle as well. (Not good in 35 dgr). Then I found my rhythm a bit and advanced up to 7th in the end. So definitely not a good race, but 7th is ok. Some UCI points and € at least..

After the race the was a good roof top party at the 5-star hotel that we were staying at. We all had a awesome time:-)

We left on monday for Beijing and had a chance to check that out a bit, crazy big city with some cool shopping. Early tuesday morning before the flight we took a trip to see the Great Chinese Wall in Badaling, an hour from the airport. Amazing to see!

Now my mtb season is over and off season/cross training season is starting. That means gym, running and probably some cyclo cross. Me like!

I have some super exciting plans for the upcoming season and year. Stay tuned ;-)


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28th at the XC World Cup Final in Hafjell, Norway!

My first WC since the WC final in Schladming 2009 went really well! It was great to be back at the world cup scene and see so many old friends and also awesome that so many swedes(and norwegians of course) were out there and cheered on us in Hafjell!

Even though I felt quite sick the days before and didn´t think I was gonna feel good enough to start I somehow managed to not get sicker and made it to the start. I knew I had good shape before this cold, and been training well the last 2 weeks so it could well work.  Since I only have my UCI points from the Swedish XC Champs this year I was called up as nr 65 out of 81 starters. I didn´t really know what to expect and decided not to stress too much the first lap. Just try to get out of the traffic jam and then start to move up through the field. Once the gun went off things went as expected and I had great legs. Was up around position 25 after 4 laps(half race) but then I felt weakened (in a different way than the normal race pain:-) and had to step off a bit to not blow up. But I held my pace pretty good and got 28th in the end. So I´m happy with that! Makes me wonder what I´ve could of done if I was 100% ?:-)

The other swedes in Men Elite XC did an amazing job with Matthias Wengelin on 6th and Emil on 11th! With me on 28th, I don´t know if there´s ever been 3 swedes in top 30 in a WC?

Had a blast with the national team the whole weekend anyhow!

Next up is the invitational MTB race in Guiyang in China. Me, Emil Lindgren, Matthias Wengelin & U23 Axel Lindh + coach Hjalmar Bengtsson is going there as the national team. Never been to China…:)

Here are a couple pics. Me jackin´it and one with me and old buddie, swiss ace Florian Vogel out spinning..

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5th at Birkebeinerrittet

5th at the Birkebeinerrittet marathon in Norway. Didn´t have the best of legs and had to let Fredrik Ericsson, Magnus Darvell, and 2 norwegians go after 60 kms. But I still managed to hold on for 5th. So so day performance wise but otherwise a great weekend together with the Enervit people, who supported us before, during and after the race . Great atmosphere among the 27 000 riders competing in different categories through out the whole weekend. Thanks for all support. I´ll be back to win next year:-) 

Now I´ll take it easy a couple of days before preparing for the last big race of the season, the XC World Cup final in Hafjäll, Norway in 2 weeks.

Pics of me and Magnus Darvell(2nd)  after the finish and me with Fredrik Ericsson who won. Then the top 5 atthe podium!

Rock on/Calle

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SM Guld i Maraton! / Swedish Champ in Marathon!

Super happy to be the new swedish champion in marathon! I had a good fight with Fredrik Ericsson and Magnus Darvell, but attacked successfully in the last small climb and got away to win solo :-)


8:a på CykelVasan

8:a på CykelVasan
Hade en sådär dag på CykelVasan med sina 95km. Inledningsvis ganska pigg och bra ben. Knep bergspriset i Evertsberg samt spurtpriset i Risberg. Vi var sedan 9 stycken kvar i täten som skulle göra upp om det efter det. Fredrik Ericsson attackerade efter Eldris och höll undan då inte tillräckligt många var intresserade av att hjälpas åt och köra in honom. Men han var stark som höll undan så det är bara att gratulera. Med krampkänning och lite för låg utväxling(38×11) så fick jag inte till avslutningen och slutade 8:a i spurten om 2:a platsen, alla inom 2 sekunder. Min tid blev 2.43! Bättre lycka nästa år:-) Och tack Vasaloppet för ett grymt bra arrangemang!

// Got 8th at swedens and one of the worlds biggest marathons with 12 000 participants. Fredrik Ericsson won solo and I was in the the 10 man group behind sprinting for 2:nd. With some cramps and not enough gears (had 38×11) I couldn´t do a good sprint and came in 8th. I however took the mountain preem in Evertsberg and a sprint preem in Risberg. The time for the 95 kms was 2hs 43mins, so its a very fast marathon. Better luck next time! Thanks Vasaloppet for a very good organized event!

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