Bundesliga, Heubach, GER

Skärmavbild 2013-04-22 kl. 01.09.49

Tough day in Heubach. Bad legs and didn´t find a good rhythm at all. Even though it was a high class field (almost like a world cup, 7 out of  the top 10 UCI World Ranking was present) and I started from the back in this Hors Categorie race, I´m not satisfied with place 33. I expected better and I thought I could do a top 20. Sometimes the feeling and power is not there. But despite the bad legs I kept on fighting and I got some good training in and had fun on the cool downhill every lap at least :-) Thanks again Isak Strömberg for the feeding. Now back to Sweden after almost 2 weeks on the road. It´s been a great time in Freiburg training and seeing some friends I havn´t seen for a while. Up next is Lidingö MTB on the 5th of May, a new marathon in Stockholm. Should be fun!


Results: Heubach Elite Men

Foto: Ludwig Söderqvist