Sorry for the lack of updates here. Been busy times since the Cross worlds, juggling work, training and just life in general. But its mostly good stuff so I´m not complaining:) Here´s a few pics from a ´lil photo shoot I did with photographer Catrina Axelsson during the 1 week training camp at Playitas ( Fuerteventura) a couple weeks back. At the moment I training for the marathon world series in Laissac, France on the 13 of April. So before that I´ll do 2 small training races in Stockholm. The famous Keps Cup series ;-)

Also getting use to new material. Been riding my Scott Scale 700 RC hard tail during the the Playitas week. Feeling really good on it and its 27,5″ wheels. Looking forward to race on this thing. I will also ride a Spark 700 RC during the season, which I´m in the process of building now. Big thanks to SRAM for the  support with XX1 gruppo. More on the Spark build soon..

I will continue with Craft as racing clothing sponsor and supplier. Really happy with that since I´ve been very satisfied with their custom cycling wear they did last year for me. On the pics here below you´ll see my new Marathon Champ kit. My Cross Country kit will come shortly.

I will also continue with main sponsor AB Karl Hedin, nutrition sponsor Enervit and eyewear sponsor Adidas.

Thats all for now / Ciao Ciao


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